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Oh. My. God.

Becky, look at that RPG.

Role-Playing Game Gossip
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This is a community for characters from different RPGs to come together and gossip!

1 - Nothing said here can be taken in account during the games. For example, if a certain Jack Sparrow steals a certain Elizabeth Swann away and has hot... conversation, it doesn't effect their game.

2 - Since some characters are away from the game a lot, they can post here about their journeys and all that fun stuff. Because believe us, it gets boring being away.

3 - You have to join with an RPG journal. No out of character journals will be members. However, you can watch rpgossip with your OOC journal. I'm sorry, but your RPG character MUST have an LJ. Characters from all sorts of RPs from Harry Potter to Pirates of the Caribbean to X-Men to original character RPGs.

4 - Closed membership. We like to keep a tight ship around here, just comment on this post with your character's lj name and the name of the RPG they're in, and I'll get back to you.

5 - Gossip! About men, about women, about stupid things. Ask for relationship advice. Ask for psychic advice. Ask for gardening advice. Anything goes!

6 - IMPORTANT: Avoid putting spoilers in your posts. If you do, put it behind an lj-cut with a spoiler warning. Don't put spoilers in comments at all.

This idea comes to you with help in part from: