Christian (christians_bar) wrote in rpgossip,

An initial post - your opinions, please?

Well… this is my first post, so please be tolerant of me as I am new to all this computer business. Although it might be helpful to have people to ask advice of who won't ridicule me for it…

The thing is, I've recently met a lady of whom I'm becoming quite fond. The subject of a 'date' has been raised. My problem is that I don't think I've ever been on an actual date and I'm not too sure of what is expected of me. It's not that I am particularly naïve, I just don't think I have even been out with a woman for a good 200 years or so (at least, not one who is still going to be alive by the time I escort her back to her hotel...)

Any suggestions for where I should take her, what we should do and what on earth I should wear?

…incidentally, do you think she is being serious about any of her suggestions for my attire? What is it with girls these days and leather?! *looks rather worried*
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